Eva Karrer

Eva Karrer Amphoria Skincare

Eva Karrer’s Life

Eva Karrer has always been a bundle of energy with a thirst for knowledge and creativity. Ever since she was a child, she has been a happy and honest person. Eva is down to earth with a deep love for nature, animals and the environment. Add a dash of craziness and a thousand ideas, and voìla – that is Eva Karrer in a nutshell.

Before Eva could expand on her creative thinking, school, education and work took up all of her time. Little by little, she couldn’t help but wonder if something was missing in her life. There was a fire burning in her, with a desire for change. To experience her creative potential and to connect deeper with the environment. To discover herself and to experience new things.

This is why, more by accident than planned, Eva decided to go on a trip to Egypt. As fate would have it, Egypt was the place where she would find her new passion: sustainable, effective and enchanting organic oils and butter.

Amphoria Skincare – the Beginnings

Discovered. Experimented. Tested. From the very first moment on, Eva was absolutely thrilled and enthusiastic to experience the positive effects of our natural resources. The liquid gold, the soft and silken butter. The power and healing properties of nature and its effect, are elements which Eva was not only thoroughly fascinated by, but also stirred her creative pot.

Inspired by her travels and the idea to create a product that resonates with nature and the environment, Eva soon created Amphoria Natural Skincare.

An all-natural skincare line – without plastic

A product line, that is completely and fundamentally based on sustainability and solely works with plastic-free and environment-friendly packaging.

„It is absolutely unacceptable how humans treat the environment“, Eva says. „We are biting the hand that feeds us“.

With Amphoria Natural Skincare, Eva Karrer has created nourishing and effective skin care products, which effectively use and protect our natural ressources. This way, her dream to create something lasting and sustainable and to contribute to protecting the environment, has finally become true.


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