Stimulates the production of collagen, hydrates deep into the inner layers of the skin, minimizes wrinkles


Complete, thorough and gentle cleansing for your skin:

Amphoria Cleansing is the ultimate purifying product without alcohol. Thanks to the nurturing and gentle effect of plant-based oils, skin debris, sebum and dirt are carefully removed without disturbing the skin’s balance. The oil revitalizes the skin, giving it dynamic vitality and freshness during cleansing while providing it with long-lasting moisture and nutrients.

Other products which commonly contain alcohol, dry out the skin, leaving it without a protecting film of fat. This stimulates the production of sebum, which leads to an undesirable imbalance affecting the skin.

A gentle and skin-friendly product, giving your skin perfect treatment without drying it out.

Application: apply the oil to dry skin on your face or neck, gently rub it in and remove it with a damp cloth or cotton pad. Pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it!

Ingredients: almond oil, jojoba oil, castor oil



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